frau bOLZa goes fliverr

Juni 5, 2014

I started offering some nice services on fliverr 
for you and your business

maybe theres something interresting for you:

I will vectorize your LOGO

send me your pixelate Logo and I would vectorize it.
Additionally you get up to three different versions for your evaluation
Please send me your :


  1. high quality scan, doodle, drawing, what ever you have
  2. tell me which colors you prefer ( any pantone requirements wanted)
  3. tell me the filetype you would need.
  4. tell me what filesizes you need.
  5. you  get one multicolored version of the logo (ai + jpg) for 5 USD
additionally you can choose  :
file versions:  like png, pdf, or other sizing etc. -each 5 USD
colorverions : black and white, stenciled black and white- each 5USD


I will make a seamless pattern with your vectorized logo 

I will make a seamless vector pattern from your vectorized logo.

so please send me your Adobe Illustrator Logo file, define colors and finished pattern repeat size + motive size, and you will get one pattern as ai and jpg file like the pattern above

  • one color variations of the background- 5USD
  • one  size variations of the pattern repeat- 5USD
  • one file variations -png, pdf, psd- for web and/ or  printing 5USD



I will make an joyful artificial profilpic for you  

send me your Portrait photography, and I will make an awesome, artistic profile picture for you.

You have to tell me,
if it should be

  1. black and white
  2. color
  3. finished pixel size

additionally ( depending how high the quality of your photo is) you get a version for printing it.

I will make a stencilportrait from your picture

I will do a three color stencil  out of your portrait

Send me your picture you like, I will rework it.
you will get

  1. a single stencil file in black and white 5 USD
  2. + a  multi color stencil collage like the picture above  10USD

please tell me

  • the colors you whish
  • the finished filesize and what filetype you want