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November 10, 2018

_b o l z a deals with views and feelings of a modern, globalized world.

In the center of her work stand struggling individuals in ambivalence of their existence – between appearance and being, cliché and traditional role models. Where powerlessness and pressure to function are evidently playing an important part.

The protagonists appear as victims of manipulating media, imprisoned in modern slavery – called globalization, controlled by randomly acting governmental institutions, polarized and abused for political populism and increasingly pushed into poverty.

The loss of relevant role models gives birth to a generation characterized by a lack of orientation, hopelessness, fear and loss of control. The incapacitated human being is reduced to functioning as a cog in a machinery of sensitivities – unable to maintain the overall picture or to break out of the system.


_b o l z a wants to show up and break through paradigms, confront her audience with a mirror, shake things up and help to reach an individual, reflective opinion.

The evil and its banality are equally emphasized as the perpetrators.

Illuminating the course of history and the analysis of historical processes reveals a repetition that seems to be emerging throughout Europe. These topics, coupled with the social impact of the economic crisis of recent years, create an oppressive mood.

_b o l z a strives to capture this oppression in images, she often does so across all media, mixes photography, painting and drawing and is always on the lookout for optimal visualization of her content.


_b o l z a works in the fields

Painting, drawing, photography, new media and art objects