Serie: die Vogelfrau vs. die Akephalie des Mannes
Title: birdnest
mixed media on paper
43x65cm (16,9x 25,6″)
dated and signed 2017

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Product Description

The new artistic project of Alexandra Bolzer is a profound collaboration with the Carinthian philosopher Peter Goricnik.
The philosopher Goricnik, among other things, deals with the philosopher Georges Bataille, who was linked to Surrealism and created in his “Theory of Modernity” the legend “Man without a head”.

“The man without a head” symbolizes the non-rule of reason, this acephaly he explains u.a. in the not everyday theory: “the Enlightenment must enlighten itself”.

Goricnik’s moving antithesis to this is the lusty bird woman, as a social model according to the egalitarian principle in connection with Matriachat. It symbolizes u.a. the dove the spirit and the beautiful goddess of wisdom: Sophia

Bolzer pursues these theses in their own, profound, contemporary imagery and creates a series of new works on the subject.



43×65 Zentimeter

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