Collecting art

The art market is booming. Artworks from Vienna have been in great demand on the art market for decades, if not longer. Especially as an investment, works of art by committed artists play an increasingly important role. But art is never just a mere investment, but a passion to indulge in. The artworks you collect in your home always say something about your passion and your preferences. The artists behind these works are companions who reflect your artistic interests.

Collect art with works by Ms. Bolza

With my works I make contemporary, critical and ambitious art accessible to collectors and art lovers of . In my works of art, I take on the body, its sexuality, its femininity, its masculinity and thus approach my critical understanding of the world. My works are always personal. For this reason, I am promoting the sale of the art of Ms. Bolza by getting to know more of me and my works. As a collector, I give you the opportunity to meet the artist and person behind the art, the person behind the work and take you on a journey of discovery through my creations.

Collecting Art by all means

People have been collecting art for millennia. Collecting and exhibiting artistic works is, in my opinion, a passion that should be possible to pursue by all means.

For that reason, artworks by Ms. Bolza are affordable, even for small and medium-sized wallets.

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I love to hear from you and I am looking forward to introduce you to the world of my works.

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