Frau bOLZa :: Vita


Alexandra Bolzer

*1971. lebt und arbeitet in Wien

Malerei, Grafik, Fotografie, Objektkunst





Mitglied von:

k-haus Vienna
IG bildende Kunst



{14} for working on illustrations "Eine kleine Geschichte über die Liebe" /bmukk

Ausstellungen ( Auszug)

[17] Ausstellung "IMMER NIE IN CHINA"_ Einzelausstellung / Wien

Projekt: Die Vogelfrau vs. die Akephalie des Mannes, work in progress

[16] Ausstellung "TEXT BILD KUNST" _ Gruppenausstellung _ Kurator: Siko Art / Wien

​[15] Galerie Reflektor "MANIAC"_ Gruppenausstellung_ Kurator: Jörg Auzinger / Wien

[14]  Stipendium Literatur / Illustration- Kinderbuchprojekt : “Eine kleine Geschichte über die Liebe” , Autor : Peter Bosch
Project: “Lotta continua” Konzeptkunst, work in progress – 2015
Project: “Frauengold vs Klosterfrau”, work in progress
K-Haus Wien “600Mio.- Freunde und Komplizen” –Groupexhebition _curator: Barbara Steiner _ Vienna / AT

[13] 18.06.2013 - 21.07.2013
KunstRaum Ko ,"COLLAGE " groupexhibition_ Berlin/ DE

[12] Galerie Faszination Art "VIVERE et vivere sinere :: oder :: Leben und leben lassen"_ single_ Hamburg / DE
Galerie Offenes Atelier D.U.Design "Brotkatze"_ Kommisar Hjuler and Friends_group _curaed byBarbara Rapp_Villach /AT

[11] EASTGallery "Artists of the Web"_group_London / GB

[10] kA 12 / Palais Kabelwerk ARTspace "körper _trans.form.at.ionen _die trans.form_ierung von Befindlichkeit und Haltung"_Vienna/AT
WIR SIND WIEN.FESTIVAL DER BEZIRKE "23 Ateliers" _curated by Ingeborg Habereder_Basis.Kultur _Vienna/ AT
Galerie Ortweinstandl "TRIBUTE to frau BOLZa" _ solo _ Graz / AT

[09] Offenes Atelier D.U. Design „ Auf.bruch“ _group _Villach / AT
Heeresgeschichtliches Museum „Napoleon im Marchfeld 1809-2009“ _group_Vienna / AT
Spargelhof Alfred Mühl „Immer nie in China“ _solo _Aderklaa / AT
Galerie am Gierkeplatz „Download 100 :: InterNetzWerkSchau“ _group _Berlin / DE
Brea Art Gallery "For Love or Money" _ group _Brea_ CA / USA
Offenes Atelier D.U. Design „ Download 100 :: InterNetzWerkSchau “ _group _Villach / AT

[08] esc mur „DIE Lagebesprechung“ _group _curated by Romana Denner _Eva Ruprecht _Graz / AT

[07] Galerie IG bildende Kunst „Diskonta 2 _Malerei“ _group _Vienna / AT

[06] Galerie IG bildende Kunst „Diskonta 1 _drawings“ _group _Vienna / AT

[05] Cattle Depot Artist Village "Please mind the gap"_group _ Kowloon / HKG
Kunstraum Bonn „Kunstlabor“ _group _Bonn Büro für Kunstvermittlung „Kopfkino“ _group _Münster / DE

Furnish & decorate your apartment with art

You want to live distinctively? Are you looking for special works of art? Then you are exactly at the right place with art by Mrs. Bolza.

For many people, art is an expression of personality. Art often is a mirror of aesthetic appreciation and a manifestation of emotionally loaded topics. Especially if you plan to furnish your entire apartment or your house with art, it is advantageous to involve the artist in the process of arrangement.

To prepare to live with art is a very personal and intensely rewarding project

For me as an artist, who has her creative base in Vienna, it is a great opportunity to accompany my artworks into the world. At the same time, you will benefit from my years of experience in researching and creating exhibitions that will put your personal project into the perfect light.

Living and enjoying art – artworks by Ms. Bolza

Bring your living space to life! Set up your house or apartment with artworks by Mrs. Bolza. Upgrade your home with my modern, critical and exciting unique pieces. At the same time, I am looking forward to share more details about the context and the intention of my work with you.

The steps:

Invite me to a free and non-binding appointment at your home or send me photos of the room / rooms to be decorated. I will provide you with sketches or photomontages of your living space with a selection of artworks. If you like the selection, the pictures will be prepared, framed, laminated and prepared for montage on the wall (Vienna and surrounding only). You also get exact instructions how to mount your artworks yourself with the appropriate hanging device.


Choose one of the following rates:

Tariff 1

3 suggestions for 1 art work suitable for your furnished space
from 75 € / excl. 20% VAT

Tariff 2

3 suggestions for 1 art work suitable for your furnished space

+ 3 sketches or photomontages with this selection

150 € / excl. 20% VAT

Tariff 3

3 suggestions for 1 art work suitable for your furnished space

+ 3 sketches or photomontages with this selection

+ preparation of the art work, or preparation for hanging. Incl. Assembly depending on effort / on request